HBase-Writer version 0.90.4 has been released and is available for download now.  This version of HBase-Writer continues to have support for both Heritrix2 & Heritrix3 but has had two major bug fixes.  Connections and resources were not being pooled, as they were unknowingly removed in teh last update.  And connections were not being closed properly, thus creating a potentioal for the application to hang on an Out Of Memory Exception.  It is highly recommended that you switch to this new version if you are using an older version of the plugin.  These issues have been properly addressed by a patch submitted by Greg Lu once again.  Thank you to Greg for giving back to the open source community.  Next on the TODO List is to add unit tests to check for connection and resource pooling.  In the meantime, for future releases, I will add JMX support to my testing instance and will use JConsole to monitor the object creation count over the course of a few crawls.  This should help ensure pooling is being used.  Thanks for checking it out and Enjoy! :)